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Once upon a time, a strangely dressed girl was leaving her freshman class and musing about the topic of discussion for the day, which was, of course, communication between genders. As she waved goodbye to her classmates who began to break off into couples, she turned the corner of Church Street to be nearly blinded by the sun which was level with her eyes. As she squinted through her glasses (which were foggy thanks to any amount of laughing that she had done), she saw him. Right there, was George. The girl’s stomach knotted and all she could see his hair blazing in the sunlight. She took a step backwards on accident instead of going forwards, then quickly recovered and walked by. She had no idea if he said hello, she was too awkward to do anything but focus on her feet, which had never been very reliable.

The sad lass wondered if she was going to have to becoming a star athlete or something to have guy friends on campus. Surely that wasn’t true. But it was beginning to feel like it. So she made a note to talk to someone about joining the tech-team for drama. This was obviously the correct plan of action from today’s events. 

As she finished typing this terribly pathetic story in third person, Courtney realized that she is just missing guys, and is really sad that she hasn’t really made guy friends here. 

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